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Huntingdonshire District Council Development Control Panel Procedure



As I mentioned on the previous page, I am a member of the Development Management Panel. Previously known as the Planning Committee, the Panel is responsible for hearing planning applications that have been referred to it because the planning officer does not have delegated authority to make a decision on the application.  Below is a guide to the procedure followed at these meetings.





This guide is aimed at helping people who have come along to the meeting to understand and follow what is happening as the Panel meeting goes through its various stages.


Reserved Seating


The reserved seating is for the people who have registered with the Council as wishing to speak. Please do not sit there if this is not the case.




A copy of the agenda listing the items to be discussed should be near to where you are sitting.  The agenda is only a guide to the order of the meeting. Where people have registered to speak the Chairman will try to hear these items first.




Only those who have told us well in advance that they wish to speak about an item will be allowed to do so. Listen carefully to the Chairman in case he changes the order of the meeting but you will be called up by the Chairman when it is your turn to speak. The Council's Officers will usually provide a brief introduction about the application and summarise the issues. The Chairman will then call the speakers up usually in the following order-


·  A representative of the Town or Parish Council or Parish Meeting


·  Ward Members


·  Other Members (including from neighbouring authorities) where applicable


·  Objectors to the application



·  The applicant or agent for the application


After they have spoken each speaker will return to their seat in the public gallery. Once all speakers have had their say, the debate will take place between the Members of the Development Management Panel who are elected Councillors. They will debate the planning issues and make a judgement based on applicable planning policies and relevant material considerations. After the debate a vote will be taken. Those attending the meeting, whether to speak or as an observer, are not allowed to take part in the debate.




Each person is allowed to speak for a maximum of 3 minutes. If more than one objector wishes to speak against a planning application, the Council will allow the time to be shared, up to a maximum of three people and allow one third of the time that is 1 min each, to each of the first three persons who registered as wishing to speak.  The Democratic Services Manager will use the traffic lights to warn each speaker when their allocated time is coming to an end.


Decision Making


After the debate, the Members will take a vote. This will usually be to approve or refuse the application. Sometimes the application may be deferred or in special circumstances referred on to be considered by the Full Council or by the Government.  If an application is refused the applicant can appeal to the Planning Inspectorate against the decision. Unfortunately objectors have no right of appeal if an application is approved.

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