Report littering from a vehicle

Approx time to complete: 3 mins 30 seconds

Complete this form if you have witnessed an incident of littering by a person in a vehicle. This form will be used to send the owner of the vehicle a letter requiring them to make a statement admitting guilt or to provide the details of the guilty party if it was not them. Once we have those details a fine may be sent in the post. Should the fine not be paid the case will then be put forward for prosecution and you may be required to attend as a witness in court.

Once you have submitted this form you will receive a printed copy of it via the post with a Freepost return envelope. Please sign the statement and return it as soon as possible.

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We require your personal data in order that we may use this report as a statement in any subsequent court proceedings where your attendance may be required.

This is a (Public Task) Statutory Duty as laid out in the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime & Police Act/Local Government Finance Act. We cannot process your request unless you provide this personal information. If you do not or if you refuse to allow us to share information we will not be able to carry forward with your report of the anti-social behaviour.

You hold the following rights with regard to the personal data you provide us:

  • Right to Access – You have the right to access (receive a copy) of your personal data and supplementary information.
  • Right to Rectification – You have the right to have any inaccurate or incomplete personal data rectified.
  • Right to object to us processing your personal data where you have an objection on “grounds relating to your particular situation”.
  • Right to Restriction – You have the right to request a restriction of the processing of your personal data in situations where it is inaccurate, unlawful, and no longer needed for the purposes for which it was originally collected, or if a withdrawal of consent has been made.

We share information within the council to ensure services are provided appropriately. We may share your personal data with other agencies such as the police, social services etc, if there is a legal reason do so.

We may process the information you provide to prevent and detect fraud in any of our systems and may supply information to government agencies, credit reference agencies, audit or other external bodies for such purposes. We participate in the government’s National Fraud Initiative.

If any of the information we have about you is incorrect, please tell us, we are reliant on you assisting us to keep your information accurate and up to date.

We only keep your information as long as necessary, for some items this will be dictated by law. You can find out more by looking at the council’s Retention Policy on the website.

We do not routinely process any information about you outside the European Economic Area (EEA), except in rare cases, where we use all appropriate safeguards.

Huntingdonshire District Council is a registered Data Controller with the Information Commissioner’s Office.

You can find out more about how we handle your data by visiting the council’s Privacy Notice page. If you have a query regarding your rights please contact the Data Protection Officer who can be contacted by emailing infogov@3csharedservices or you can write to the Council and mark your letter for the attention of the Data Protection Officer. Alternatively you can call 01480 388388.

You have the right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) should you believe any part of this statement to be unlawful.