Adding or Changing a House Name

Approx time to complete: 5 mins

If a property has been allocated a house number, the number is the official part of the address and the number cannot be removed. The home owner can add a house name or change the current name of a numbered property by completing this online form.

We will add the house name to the property number and update our internal databases. We also notify Royal Mail who will display both the name and number in their PAF database. Please note that you must use the allocated house number in conjunction with the property name in all correspondence.

This relates to properties which currently do not have a number. The house name forms part of the official registered address. If you are the home owner and wish to change the name of your property please complete this online form. To process this application we also require a site location plan. This can be emailed to or posted FAO Julie Fisher, Street Naming & Numbering Team, Huntingdonshire District Council, Pathfinder House, St Mary's Street, Huntingdon, PE29 3TN.

We will check our records to ensure that there are no similar names being used in the postal district. We will then submit a change of address plan and notify the relevant authorities.

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